Consignment Contract

The Recollective Consignment Contract
  1. _________ I agree that there is a 60 day selling period. I understand that all expired (non designer) items will be donated to The Recollective’s local charity partner, The Youville Centre, unless I have requested to pick them up before expiry. If I have requested to collect them and they have not been picked up before the end of the 60 day selling period, they will be donated. I understand that I will not be contacted to pickup unsold items, and that it is my responsibility as the consignor, to contact The Recollective for pickup.
  2. __________I agree that the consignment rates are as follows: 30% payout or 40% store credit on consignment items priced under $500.
  3. I am selecting 30% payout _________ OR I am selecting 40% store credit __________. Once selected, I agree this is non reversible until my next consignment drop off.
  4. _________I agree that for designer items priced over $500 the consignment rate is either 50%/60%/70%. The rate is determined at The Recollective’s discretion.
  5. _________I agree that all prices will be determined by The Recollective based on the current resale market and the item’s condition.
  6. _________I understand that if any items are consigned in unsellable condition that they will be donated to The Recollective’s local charity partner.
  7. _________I agree that the selling prices may be subject to change at any time at the discretion of The Recollective without contacting the consignor.
  8. _________I agree that there is a $1.00 administration fee per item sold that will be deducted from my consignment payout. This fee is in place to help with The Recollective’s payout administration costs.
  9. _________I agree that payouts over $20 are made via e-transfer once per month, upon request, after I complete the payout request form found on The Recollective’s website. I understand that payouts may take up to 20 business days to be processed.
  10. ________I understand that I will not consign any items unless I am ready to part with them.
  11. _________I understand that I am leaving my items at my own risk and that The Recollective is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of my items. If they are returned to me at the end of the selling period, I understand there may be wear or damage from customer try ons.
  12. _________I understand that The Recollective advertises items at their discretion on their website and their social media platforms. I understand that some or all of my items may not be showcased.
  13.  _________I understand that there is no guarantee that my items will sell.